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Abandoned Wichita

Ever wonder what Wichita would be like in a zombie apocalypse?? There's always people commenting on these videos or sending messages saying “you never show the bad parts of town, the real parts”. I think we’re trying show the realest parts of the city. The parts that we loved growing up, and still love today. We try every day to build the city up to what it has the potential to be, not tear it down. We're in the same boat as the people that ARE redeveloping downtown, the people building, renovating, and maintaining the city. We are only showing people whats right in front of their faces. So heres a video for everyone who wants it. Run down, rugged, history. We're just going to go back to work tomorrow, to the good parts and the bad parts, trying to create jobs, get involved with the community, and brick by brick make Wichita better place.

By the way two of the buildings in this video are planned for redevelopment. Oh yeah and this is what happens when you don't keep your windows clean!!

Video Production: Silver Wing Studios Music: 2 Hearts, 1 Soul - Oh Wonder

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