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4 Things You Forgot To Clean Before Family Comes To Town

1 - Ceiling Fans


Unless you have a 7 maids a milking making sure your house is spotless, there is a good chance you have a small dust village growing day by day on your ceiling (I before E except after C) fan. It only takes little Billy flying his new quadcopter into the fan to gaurantee a white Christmas in your living room.

  • Vacuum attachments, its your time to shine.

2 - Inside the Microwave


Every single person who owns this device has exploded a hot pocket, boiled over ramen noodles, or reheated that soup just a little bit too long. With family in town there will be a ton of strangers reheating christmas leftovers. Make sure the first thing they see when they open the microwave isn't a murder scene.

  • Hot soapy water with a little vinegar can remove stuck on spots much easier than cleaning wipes

3 - Return Air Vents

Return Air Vent

Not only are these monstrocities an eyesore, they tend to collect dust like they were made to do it. Nothing sticks out more than a spotless house with a vent as fuzzy as your dog.

  • You may need some wet wipes or spray to get all the gunk off but clean vents will not only look good but cleaning the dirt and dust off will reduce buildup in your filter as well.

4 - Windows


Kansas is a windy, dirty place. A recent study conducted in San Francisco has linked dirty windows to Seasonal Affective Disorder. The last thing you need when family is over is Uncle Winston slowly slipping into a deep depression because he can't see outside.

  • For windows indoors, window cleaner and a microfiber cloth can tackle most spots (Cotton cloths and paper towels will shed and create a static field on the glass). Outdoor windows can be cleaned with a squeege and scrubber, or better yet left to the professionals, nobody wants to clean in the cold! If you're a local in Wichita, give us a call and we can check this off your list =)

Wichita Window Cleaning - (316)-650-3593

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