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Indoor or outdoor, commercial or domestic, we at ICT Window Cleaning offer all possible window washing services you may require. We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!


"I always thought I needed new windows..."

Residential Homes

Schedule us every so often or just one time. We can remove hard water spots, lime deposits, grass clippings, paintballs, bird projectiles, or canine nose art. Our team cleans outside, inside, mirrors, shower doors, or any combination you can think of. We do package deals and water resistant treatments are also available for less frequent cleaning.


Our business service is the tried and true pride of our reputation. If the windows are clean, it's a good chance that it's our fault. We have been working with a combined experience of over 22 years with some of the biggest companies in the world. We can clean on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonal schedule. Year round reliable service, unbeatable price.



If you have a multi story building we are the only local organization that has the equipment and skills to tackle that pesky 12th floor. Our team is fully insured and has a love of heights. We can clean floor by floor or the entire building.

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